MyVu Personal Media Viewer – Solo Plus

Wow another woot killer?

Yeah, the supermodel still freaks me out.

I bet she’s looking at bacon porn!

Oh god, that thing is terrifying.

The “supermodel” gives me poltergeist-esque nightmares… Someone! Hold me

What’s difference between this on and the $99 one this morning?


Creepy mannequin is creepy…

still no Bundle of Crepes…

I think this is where we were when I woke up this morning.

haha! No supermodel no deal! My husband might enjoy LOL!!

Another solution in search of a problem.

Been there, done that!

It’s the creepy model again

Now you can look like LeVar Burton.

Hey, on April fools can we buy your hot supermodel?

after seeing these on here so much… I finally had to pull the trigger. Anyone sees me on NJTransit wearing these… you’ll know why.

not again! don’t want it with or without the ‘plus’

I’d gladly buy two or three of these if they supported some sort of standard video and not just iPods.