MyVu Solo Plus EV Media Viewer with iPod and iPhone Conversion Cable

That is one frightening mannequin

here’s the product website

she looks like one of the mannequins from the old navy commercials…

i got the creeps from looking at that mannequin

that is one hell of a scary picture. good thing woot doesn’t depend upon pictures to sell its products…

Does this not slaughter one’s eyesight?

Can I pay extra to make sure that I DON’T get the creepy mannaquin thing?

Isn’t this how the Matrix gets you and makes you their slave?

Wait… I saw this movie.

Pretty nice that you can use these with devices other than iPods.

I have these and they don’t work well if you need glasses- even though the image is close to your face.

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Good gravy! The head scares me so much. I can’t bring myself to look at the actual product for sale because of it.

Looks like they sell for $90+ at Amazon. Without the iPhone cable though, so I guess this is a pretty good deal right here. I don’t think I’d ever use it tho…

But Geez, what IS up with the mannequin?

Even if they don’t work, you’re half way to going as Geordi La Forge next Halloween.

There are a couple good reviews on Buzzillions.

The quality is terrible, its not even up to par with composite cable connections. Good luck trying to play video games on this like the website recommends.

Is it just me, or does the mannequin remind you of Lucille Ball just a little bit?


God I know I shouldn’t after that last wootoff, but I have always wanted these. I’ll get one, it is payday after all.