MyVu Solo Plus EV Media Viewer with iPod and iPhone Conversion Cable

Looks like good reviews on amazon!

-“…the illusion is quite similar to watching the screen in the seat in front of you on an airplane. It’s perfectly acceptable, but falls short of the pompous comparisons to watching a 44” big screen from 9 feet away."

-“you can very easily see around the virtual screen…this makes them more difficult to watch in very bright ambient light conditions.”

What IS this?!

I really hope I don’t meet that mannequin in a dark alley somewhere.

cnet review.

… I would probably buy this if I wasn’t broke… imagine the things you could watch and no one could see you watching… even if they just happen to walk in the room, it’s not like a monitor where anyone walking in gets in on your little secrets. :slight_smile:

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say…


I’d never use the glasses, but a thrift store downtown in my city has a mannequin exactly like that one for sale in their window (and another similar one). It’s even more freaky looking in real life.

cnet gives the Universal Edition (which doesn’t seem to be too different spec-wise from what’s included here) a 2.5/5. Apparently the video quality is okay but nothing special and it’s supposedly uncomfortable.

But it makes you look like LeVar Burton, which is worth &80 in and of itself.

Why do they have to look like they are from a 1980’s MTV Music Video… Can you only see Flock of Seagulls with these?

Amazon link here.

it’s $130 packaged on amazon. Good deal.

The mannequin is obviously screaming because she is just coming to the realization that driving her car and watching a movie simultaneously was not a good idea!

What an airhead…

Perhaps it is to encourage us to buy the MyVu glasses, so that we can put them on and will ourselves into believing that freaky thing isn’t really there.

Gah, I thought that head thing was part of it at first. I thought it was some sort of $80 novelty item. Then I read what it really was and I realized I was still correct.

Hmmm… only 320x240? So I guess that makes these “VHS Quality”.

I had some 800x600 ones that were pretty cool once, but 320x240?

Don’t make her angry…

what is the difference beetween MyVu Solo Plus Personal Media Viewer(previous woot) & MyVu Solo Plus EV??

The Howdy Doody of mannequin’s…great, I’m never going to sleep tonight…

I waited a long time for this…
I could save $10 over other sites (minus ipod adapter) and increase the probability I’d be hit by a bus, but I’ll just going to sleep… in the road… sounds better.


here it is on thinkgeek

it’s $129.99 there, and no iphone adaptor. they say it’s available from the manufacturer’s website. BUT it’s out of stock on thinkgeek anyway.

These would be perfect for those long, boring flights… just gotta remember to tell my safety pilot that he has controls.