N-Vision NVN3 Night Vision Monocular

i gotta go to bed sometime!!!

One of woot’s creepiest items to buy

This one is sort of frightening. Woot, please don’t give voyeuristic geeks the opportunity to watch me while I shower at night. Thx.

So what defines a “quality post?”

Commmon It’s my B-day in two hours Woot! Give me some carp.

aren’t they the ones enjoying?

then buy three you noob

i like the way this looks but…could i use this to save the world?

This is the same price as when it was the deal of the day… Shouldn’t Woot-off prices be discounted?


If I buy 2 can I use them as Night Vision Binoculars?

[link]The Onion | America's Finest News Source.

aw crap. how can they only have like 3 of those sd cards that i actually wanted, but probably 5 million of these worthless things…

Nice to see Wisconsin Wooting!

Me too :frowning: :frowning:

Hey now wait just a dang minute. These are made in Italy.

ooh, this will go great with the iPhone app i just got - iStalk

they JUST had one like 5 minutes ago for about $2

This is perfect for all of my creep-tacular endeavors…