N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular

New N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular, for $99.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular

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I wish I had a bigger hard drive and less memory

Harlem eyes are watching you, they see your every move…

Is this weapon mountable?


Eh. Gen-1 Russian tube. Not the worst price though.

One step closer to being Batman.

Now i can finally catch that dumb animal who keeps digging in my trash.

Getcha some!

Yeah I thought one was coming too.

If I didn’t just buy a new car I would totally buy this though

can this make me peeping tom?

perfect for the stalker in all of us!!! :slight_smile:

These are fun to play with. I wonder how long it lasts though with the battery?

Battery not included. That was the deal breaker.

Optics monoculars don’t seem to get the best reviews on Buzzillions. The average is somewhere around 70-ish.

CR123s aren’t exactly cheap. what is the battery life like? how bad does using the illuminator drag it down?

Attention stalkers, er I mean, ex boyfriends, er teenage boys. This is prefect for making sure your hot next door neighbor is safe in bed.

Great for naturists and birdwatchers.

not for me, but im glad to see woot getting back to the type of product that makes it so cool: a technology based niche kind of item. Kudos, woot buyers!