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Does anyone know if there is a handle on the messenger bag other than the shoulder strap?


from what i can see on the BUILT website the 15" bag has a handle on it but the one for sale here does not. http://www.builtny.com/deals-2-cat.html


I own one and it does not have a handle other than the shoulder strap.


Do you like it?


Will this work for Nook Simple touch?


Will any of the sleeves work for a kindle touch?


The kindle keyboard is larger than the touch, so any of the kindle sleeves should work


The specs and features list for the Travel Pack for Ipad 2 seem contradictory. And the pictures too.

Features says that the hard shell works with the Smart Cover, but the Smart Cover is not included. But the Specs says that it includes a “Neoprene Slim Sleeve and Protective Smart Back.” So, is the smart cover included per specs or not included per features? Then the pictures show a picture of the zippered Neoprene Sleeve For All Ipads along with the slim sleeve. What is actually in this set?


Thanks for the questions… according to staff, the sale INCLUDES a Smart Back but NOT a Smart Cover, they’re separate items. The Smart Back case is a hard shell back for your tablet.

Hope this information was helpful :slight_smile:


That’s what I was hoping. Thanks!