nabi Square HD Rugged 1080p Action Camcorder

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nabi Square HD Rugged 1080p Action Camcorder
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 11 to Tuesday, Aug 12) + transit
Condition: New


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7/17/2014 - $49.99 - 204 comment(s)
6/12/2014 - $79.99 - 34 comment(s)

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Comments from a previous sale

Here’s the video from my first outing with this camera (I bought it in the last sale 3 weeks ago) so that you can gauge the quality a little more easily than with some of the other videos out there. This was all shot in 720 @ 60p for smoother motion and the wider FOV. I do have 1080p footage (narrower FOV) but none of it is uploaded yet.


For people who care, the 1080p footage records at 12Mbps and the 720 (30p and 60p) records at 8Mbps.

(I’m seriously considering buying another one. I work as a teacher for Art/Technology related subjects and I’ve forwarded this sale to my boss, as well.)

Forget the camera - how does Eratosthenes keep his pool so clean? Seriously though, thanks for such a quick and useful post.

Does this camera fit GoPro Hero cases? I would like to do a 3D setup, and I think GoPro is the only company making a 3D casing/mount. Thanks for any help!

No problem! (Also, my neighborhood completely cleans the pool and re-bombs it with chlorine every Monday, so thoroughly that it’s actually closed for the entire day.)

It won’t - it’s thicker than the GoPro by default (without the screen attached) and the lens is in a different place, but on the upside its waterproof housing actually has enough space in it to fit the LCD and thus be able to see what you’re doing underwater. I’m sure there’s a way to mount two side-by-side, but not inside GoPro cases.

EDIT: By the way, stick around for a minute and I’m sure the Nabi PR people will appear to answer a zillion questions. They were pretty helpful when I bought mine a few weeks ago.

I also bought one of these, and used it to film my county fair’s annual “Eve of Destruction”. Worked fantastically, and the battery life was great as well. Would recommend to any skeptical buyers.

I bought this last time, it’s a great deal for a $50 camera. Unfortunately the remote that came with mine only works 4 inches away. I even took it apart and replaced the battery. So either my remote is bad, or the camera. Any fix, I wonder???

Will this work to mount to a car, like the GoPro?

Just looking for something to get some footage while driving around and what not.

You mean doing donuts? That’s okay, thats why I ordered one too.

Reading the thread from the last sale, the gopro mounts will work for it, and their vehicle suction mount is pretty strong. There are also some to be found on amazon for $5-$10

I was thinking in the above 150mph range, but if a GoPro mount will work then awesome! I know those are capable of handling 200+ with no problem.

Another question, how is the audio recording on it?

I have seen some other models when the audio sounds blown out, or barely audible…I would assume this has better quality?

On the last sale, the Nabi Rep stated compatibility with mini-usb to 3.5mm microphone adapters, like the GoPro cameras, for those concerned about audio quality.

In for one, and the aforementioned adapter and mic, still beats the price of a GoPro!

And here’s the OE manufacturer’s listing for the camera, with some slight differences. The slightly broken english is good for a laugh.

I bought one in June for $80, so mine must be better than this $50 one…

I haven’t used it, mainly because I was stupid and assumed (wrongly, and without proper research) that this action cam included some variety of wifi connectivity. I just received my gopro hero3+ black edition today, which I’ll be using for aerial videography in lieu of this camera, and I’ll take this one to the beach.

Hunt around in this thread - mixed results with the gopro mounts and this camera.

I too bought one last time it was on Woot and am very happy considering the price. I bought a couple of cheap GoPro compatible mounts from Meritline and found that the little tilt-adjust pivot with the three fingers didn’t quite match the dimensions of the mating two-finger piece from the Nabi. They’re very close and you can force them together, but the plastic bits flex a little. However, I found that by sanding the middle finger (the one I’m holding up at the first guy who cracks a middle finger joke:)) a bit thinner, it fits together great. It’s the middle finger as shown, for example, in this photo:

The sanding was easy. I used a thin, flat piece of metal as a backer for some sandpaper - sort of a home-made super-thin flat file.

Bought one the last go around and this is a great deal. Already got my $55 worth of enjoyment. It is not a GoPro but it’s not $200+ either. Now, will I buy a second one? Oh yes I think that’s very likely.

I wondered about that. From the pics of the cracked mounts, it appeared that sanding the gopro mount down would fix the issue. I doubt I’ll be changing my gopro’s mounts to fit the nabi, but cheap gopro mounts are all over the web, so this is great news.


Bought one in July for $49.99. Used it to film my boy swimming in pool underwater (case worked great) and attached to my bicycle while riding around beach. Dont have a Go Pro so cant compare. Have a Midland xtc action cam and the nabi blows it away. May get another at some point for my older boy to play with.