Nacina Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot (4)

As a preface I have really enjoyed SLH wines in the past and wines from Tudor. I am not sure of Dan’s involvement with this label but I like the simple label design and screw top.

Upon opening and pouring I noticed the rich deep red color, the wine is clear and free of sediment. I could smell the wine from several feet away, the primary note is black cherry with a bit of spice box, what I mean by spicebox is a a variety of common kitchen spices. Most noticeable of these was cinnamon but there where some other spices as well that were harder to distinguish. The nose is big and I really enjoyed it, the kind of nose that you can just sit and enjoy for quite a while with out even taking a sip of the wine. I also a got a minor cola note and actually a little hint of yeastiness. I enjoy baking breads so its a smell that I often find in my kitchen.

On the tongue the flavors are not as big as in the nose. The wine is dry, medium bodied, medium acidity, and has low drying tannins. The primary notes are cherry and strawberry. But not the bright lively strawberry that you often come across in cali style pinots. I did not detect any heat in the nose or palette. I did get a small bit of tartness in the finish as well as some additional spiciness but I didn’t feel it really detracted from the wine.

The overall feel of the wine is young, smooth and velvety. the only noticeable oak is the spicebox in the nose. I think the woot price of around $20 a bottle is a good price for this bottle and I would be in for at least a couple of bottles if I had room for more wine.