Naked Winery Ravishing Reds V-Day Kit

Vintages on the wines?

We liked the Penetration Cab enough to buy a bottle ($40) at the Hood River tasting room on our honeymoon. We tasted the Climax but I don’t remember much about it. This is a good deal for the 2 bottles of wine, let alone the included glasses, chocolate and gift box.

That said, this same deal is available at the mothership with 1 cent shipping, or you can choose from a number of similar gift sets by Naked Winery.

I am going in on the woot deal for my LW who really enjoyed the Cab and has a thing for stemless wine glasses.

Last wooter to woot: chipgreen

Thanks for the comments Chip.
The Penetration Cab is a 2014 and the Climax is non vintage. Climax is delicious and one of our top selling wines. It’s a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a very popular gift set and comes packaged very nicely, if I do say so myself. A nice black gift box, 2 beautiful bottles of wine (one in a lace organza wine bag). 2 lovely stemless wine glasses, a huge bar of chocolate plus a little extra too - a 2017 Date Night calendar, fun tattoos, and a sticker.
Yes, this deal is available elsewhere for the same price as this one here for $59.99 also includes shipping. It’s a great deal!Thanks again!
Cheers! Becky - NW

Hi Becky,
Thanks for the reply. I agree this is a great deal, thanks for offering it! My wife will be very happy when she opens this for Valentine’s Day. :slight_smile:

Well,thank you for taking advantage of this offer. You picked a nice gift for the Mrs., she’ll love it!

This looks like something I need to try. :slight_smile: and with a positive comments from Chip… I am going to go for it.

Closest thing we’ll ever get to Thumbprint on wine.woot, haha. :wink:

Nothing like some penetration and climax on Valentine’s day! Sorry it had to be said :slight_smile:

Great! You won’t regret it! Thanks for the support!
Naked Winery

Haha! I was just waiting for that one!

So . . .I guess it would be Premature to have the Climax before the Penetration?

Hey Becky , this deal would be really awesome of it included a candle , I would pay more if it did …thanks !

I see what you did there.

Does not ship to Pennsylvania… So the residents of Blue Ball, PA are still out of luck.

Next year I suggest making two new blends named “Brown Chicken” and “Brown Cow”… packaged together for V-day.


She did love it, thanks again for making this offer available! The little extras were a nice touch as well, she really likes the date-night calendar.