Naked Winery

Haha, they really went all the way with this theme. I’m still usually on a first or second date at this point… I wonder what would happen if I poured her a glass of penetration…

Anyone had these? The Cab. Franc sounds yummy…

I am one of the owner/winemakers and we wrote up the tasting notes for DIVA/COMMITTED/MISSIONARY on Thursday afternoon with our winemaking team and office staff. So, they are pretty current.

WRT to cab franc we always use it as a blending wine and have released it 4 times as a single varietal since 1999. Personally I love cab franc but it’s only occasionally that it’s good enough IMHO to be released on it’s own.

In any event try it and if you don’t like it send me a note and I can get you a replacement bottle of some other varietal.


David Barringer

Well you know, the mission statement for our company is to “cut america’s divorce rate in half”! So, you never know what good things could have happened after a glass or two of Penetration Cab.

On a more serious note, it is one of our most risque labels and we jokingly say it’s rated “P” for provocative. It has also be our best selling red wine since the 2002 vintage was released.

I would attribute it’s success to the consistently great fruit we get from Washington state (Columbia Valley).

thank you for being part of woot!

David Barringer

Welcome David, what was the inspiration for your winery and it’s theme?

Thank you for that question.

Short answer: We were losing too many of our good friends as happens when couples divorce.

Longer answer: My wife Jody wanted to run a business and use her MBA, my good friend Dave wanted to make wine and I wanted to do something worthy of my life’s energy after exiting the high tech business.

We felt that wine is inherently social and that if we could get folks to shut off their technological toys for 15 minutes daily and share a glass of wine with each other we could do something great … specifically cut the divorce rate in half as couples would naturally spend more time with each other and talk more on a regular basis. We believe sincerely that if you spend time with each other you solve problems before they become unmanageable.

On the fun side, I find it very attractive to say to my wife Jody, “After the boys are in bed would you like some Foreplay (Chardonnay)” and if she say’s “no, I’d prefer some Penetration (Cab) as I haven’t had that in a while”. I know that we’re going to have a wonderful evening together.

On a side note we created the “Committed” wine for the wedding of our Club Naked Manager Lara.

Kind Regards,

David Barringer

Hahaha good stuff!