Name Brands Men's Sweatshirts 3-Pack

Name Brands Men's Sweatshirts 3-Pack

Tempting, but one things stopping me from an instant impulse buy: “3 assorted colors. No duplicate colors.” Looks like with my luck on these random colors I’d get pink, baby blue, and orange which usually look horrible on a man of my size. Still a great deal if you can pull off any of the colors pictured.


Agreed, the lack of the ability to choose colors is a deal killer.


It’s a great deal if you can pull off any of the colors pictured. I’m a multi-XL guy who is only slightly above average height, so certain colors don’t work well…

Do I get to select the colors?

No need to fret over what colors to choose. We’ll do it for you. :slight_smile:

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I would order this now if I could say NO ORANGE or PINK. I live in South Carolina and cannot stand Clemson who is our arch rival.

What if I really really really want a pink one?

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Having to buy with Amazon Prime Trial is a deal killer for me. Amazon Prime is NOT a deal for me.

Received my order today, the three colors I got were Black, White, and Pink.
I didn’t even see White as an option.
Two sweatshirts were Jerzees and the other was FOTL.
Quality was also sub par, lots of stray threads, so this was pretty much a bust.
I decided to deposit them in a local clothing drop box so hopefully someone can use them.

I don’t care about colors, these are just for lounging around, being cozy, or working out at home where nobody can judge. Here are the three I got (ordered size Large):

-FoTL “sofspun” in Black (60/40 blend made in Honduras)
-Jerzees “NuBlend” in Big Bird Yellow (50/50 blend made in Honduras)
-noname in White (60/40 blend made in Honduras)

White and Big Bird Yellow weren’t even shown as options! This is perhaps as close to a BoC as I will ever get.

Got mine today, three Jerzees in grey, black, and pink. I ordered Medium and they’re kind of gigantic. The sleeves on the black one have a ton of loose threads at the cuff, but they seem fine otherwise. These will be good for lounging around the house in the Chicago winter, but the cut is boxy and not flattering at all, so I doubt I’ll wear them in public, unless I plan to fashion a Kirby costume out of the pink one.

Mine came today. I must have gotten the last of the stock even though I ordered 10 days ago. I got one ugly dark green and TWO gray. So much for “NO DUPLICATES”. What the heck, at least I didn’t get a pink one…

I’m a big dude and all shirts need to be XL to fit the shoulders and length. I went a little overboard and ordered 4XL. 2XL probably would have been perfect. These 4XL are like tents! That’s OK. They’re comfortable and only for around the house. I’m happy for $20.00.