I’ve seen the name my niece, name my dog thing so I thought this would be the perfect place to do a Name My Racehorse.

A friend of mine is doing an art project with a Kentucky Derby theme & we were trying to come up with creative racehorse names.

Hit me with it!

Elmer’s By A Nose

Kickinmud= Great name for a race horse!


Not original, because I saw the race replay with this horse named “Hoof Hearted.”

The announcer was going nuts at the end when Hoof Hearted was close to victory, repeating the name out loud over and over-- HOOF HEARTED!!

SluttyCake Gigglehorn’s Boiling Water on the Stove

Dorothy Mantooth Is A Saint.

Purina Puppy Chow

I suggest that you call your horse: Bob Loblaw

(Try saying that name out loud 3 times!)

“He must be cheating cause he’s”
“__________ place”(first is on second skit with horse races)
“not a unicorn”
“get the midget off me”
“someone’s son”

off the top of my head.


Ambition and Bathtub Mint Juleps

i. p. freely

Bite the Pillow

PemberDucky’s Great Dane

PemberDucky’s Great Dane Is Hung Like A Horse

Don’t get so personal about Mr. PemberDucky :wink:

//no wonder she doesn’t want to stay at work//

He loves to cuddle, too!

PemberDucky, the Great Dane, or the horse? O.o

hee hee! these are fun. I had forgotten I posted this (rough week)