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Call me when they come out with one of these things shaped like a punching bag.

my wife was able to defeat clocky - she’d just grab it off the nightstand and snuggle it. clocky is incredibly loud, and would totally work for a normal human.

Sounds like this clock will take a sweet sweet dose of medicine from kind old Doctor Foot.

I bought one of these a while back and I love it. I actually keep it on the other side of the room in addition to having it roll away. It’s effective.

Here’s its page at Thinkgeek:

Quite a steal at this price. I’ve been wanting one for ages.

My lab bought this for a guy who was always late…like seriously he would come in at 11:30 or later and thought it was okay. We secretly set it to 6:45 in the box before giving it to him…mwuhahaha… Greatest going-away present ever and a lot of fun to play with!

I got one of these for my wife of woot last year. It is not a bad alarm, but we don’t use it because the sound is so annoying. It is sort of like a loud R2-D2. That said if have a hard time getting up the sound will probably motivate you.

You can turn the wheels on or off if you don’t want it to role. With the wheels on you get to snooze once before it takes off.

Bought one last time. Wheel motor/mechanism came broken. Contacted Woot and they basically told me too bad. Nanda support blows too.

You’ll love this clock the first couple of times… Then, you’ll get annoyed and toss it across the room.

Try not to aim it at a lamp.

Oh sweet, I am one more step closer to making a Rube Goldberg machine that automatically starts up the coffee maker! Now, to find the correct gears…

A playlist of YouTube Clocky videos
I modified the link to point to Clocky playlists; seems the first link/playlist got sidetracked after the first Clocky video!

Obligatory YouTube video of Clocky in action:

couple youtube vids:

I bought one of these the last time it was on Woot. It is a very effective alarm clock. These days, I wake up before it goes off because I am terrified of hearing the alarm go off, and I stay awake because I do not want to have to chase it around the room a minute later when the alarm goes off again.

The one major complaint I have about it is that the display is incredibly dim. It’s a great alarm clock, but it is not a great clock. I can barely read the time off of it from halfway across my room in good light. I guess it’s nice if you don’t want bright neon numbers glowing in the night and keeping your neurotic self awake for hours.

You should probably buy at least two, for when you smash the first one!

I bought one for myself last time these appeared on woot. The stationary alarm is effective, it’s the mobile alarm that is not so effective.

As the second bullet says:“You get one chance to get up, but if you snooze, Clocky will jump off your nightstand and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide, beeping all the while”

My sleepy self is very clever, and just disables the wheel motion on the first try. If I don’t happen to disable it on the first snooze, I have trained myself to grab clocky as it is falling off my nightstand, and never actually get out of bed.

So, I picked up Clocky a while ago from Woot, and I love it. He is super annoying, extremely loud, and quick (compared to my hazy morning brain). Only get/use Clocky if you want everybody in the three-room area to wake up mad.

A few people have commented on how easy it is to shut off his wheels function after the first snooze. I found myself doing that as well…because, like them, I am lazy. That problem (the wheels one, not the lazy one) is easily fixed by not allowing him the first snooze. You can easily adjust his settings to make him freak out at the first alarm. Plus…you could just put him out of arm’s reach.

Oh, and Slein is right; he sounds like a freaked out R2-D2. After chasing him for a few minutes in the morning, I am so ticked off, I can’t go back to sleep, and once I stop rage-shaking, my day really goes well.

…But I can’t stay mad at Clocky for long. After all, he was just doing his job

Yeah, the noises the thing makes. This is not some ‘beep-beep’ your tired brain will become accustomed to. This is R2D2 on a meth bender, screaming insults about your mother. Even if it wasn’t for the additional ‘can’t catch me’ factor, this thing WILL have you awake.

I got one of these for a friend who was complaining of not getting up for work on time. She later ‘thanked’ me, albiet through clenched teeth. Yes, it works.