Nanda Clocky Mobile Alarm Clock


More crap!

Boo . . . I hate Tootsie Rolls.

wake up with the run away clock… sounds fun?? NO!

Wasn’t this just on Sellout Woot?
How much was it then?

Edit – Exact same price. Here is a link

nada nanda

Do the unemployed need an alarm clock?

I graduated from high school with the girl that invented this.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about thay-at.

these sound like a lot of fun. Or atleast make a good joke gift to a sleep deprived friend… without telling them.

I like the one with the Propeller… I had the hardest time ignoring that thing.

Are people really that lacking in self control that they need their alarm clock to run from them in order to get out of bed?

Apparently you aren’t Early-Morning Challenged…

I would hate waking up to this. My cat, on the other hand, would probably love it.

Wonder if there is any kind of warning that the batteries are about to die.

An alarm clock that runs away to try and wake is useless if it’s batteries are dead.

Where was this when I was in high school?

hahaha i’ve never spent so little $$ while lurking on a site that sells stuff IN MY LIFE.

If my room were larger and cleaner I’d buy this. I need an alarm clock that I’d have to chase to turn it off. That would certainly wake me up. Better yet, if it shot water at me.

Great idea! But I cant find myself to shell out a Jackson for something my Blackberry already does just fine.