Nanda Clocky Mobile Alarm Clock

Life is annoying enough without a runaway clock.

I want to love you, Clocky. But after I “accidentally” smashed the first one of you I owned when you rubbed me the wrong way after I accidentally set you to go off Sunday morning after a night of binge drinking, I couldn’t bring myself to face you again.

I’m sorry, Clocky. So, so sorry.

Rolling Crap

where are the handles for this segway?

Need a Bowl of Cereal. I’m hungry.


I just realized that it’s after lunch…and there had been NO traditional wine.woot DETOUR!

Maybe that’s not thunder I hear rumbling outside my window…

Maybe it’s the END OF THE WORLD!!!

(Or maybe not…:tongue: )

What the crap is this? That thing is fugly!

Awesome! It can wake me up and find Sarah Connor!

wait this thing actually rolls away? i thought it just looks cool and never actually wakes you up- thus leaving you in a dream like trance where you think it’s running away but you’re actually riding the bus to work naked.

That clock would last 10 seconds before it got picked up and thrown against a hard blunt object.

Don’t jinx it!

And got my first item of the wootoff (no not this, what’s over on kids.woot. My nephew is obsessed with these things)…

Was she late a lot?

This is truly a solution in search of a problem.

Don’t want the football l;ooking one. I want a pink one!

What a great way to aggravate yourself first thing in the morning and set the tone to be a sour-puss for the rest of the day.

I need this just to wake me up from this Woot Off…
Where are the Basket Of Cats

This is the stupidest thing ever conceived of by an M.I.T. student.

However, the song that Woot wrote about it is sheer genius!!!


After about a week I’d put a book on either side of this thing to keep it where it belongs.

i own this thing and i highly recommend it if you hate your roommate or anyone who has an adjacent room to yours. if the cacophony of random beeps and noises doesn’t wake them up, your stumbling around the room and eventual destruction of Clocky in an attempt to silence it in a half awoken fit of rage will…

sometimes i catch it in mid air as it attempts to flee my night stand. i call that “the jackpot”

These are great for helping people recover from knee surgery. They’ll thank you later.