*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Best shirt of the fog, without even blinking an eye. Congrats, TG

Sad that we had to get to the Derby winners to save us from ECs, but at least we’ve got a solid winner

congrats tgentry. this is a great design

Grats on the print, Travis!!! Way to go!

Aww, I was hoping to get first sucker…

cute… thinking bout it

about time!

very nice design…

yep… ordered like i said i would

Are there really little astronauts?

LMAO @ the “We Call This Color” description!

No no. The nanonauts replace the nucleotide sequence, which eventually ends up coding for a more adorable protein. Very important.

Nice win TG and great shirt.

As a biochemistry major, it’s my moral obligation to buy this shirt. Darn you, I’ve been doing so well saving my money!

Looks great, too bad I’m strapped for cash…might still end up grabbing one though.

As a wanna-be biologist, I just had to get this. Congrats t-gentry.

the more i look at it the more i like it. is it too late to add overnight shipping on it?

I knew this would win!

Haha, first sucker (never been that before)!

Got 2 of them, and there were people who thought I was criticizing the artist for this shirt - I love it. I honestly think it’ll sell out, it’s so frickin’ sweet!

Just wondering, is this a jersey tee? Is there any way to tell?
'Cause I love my Soundwaves tee, and I’d really like another jersey one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.