nanoSTRIKER XL Ferrocerium Fire Starter

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nanoSTRIKER XL Ferrocerium Fire Starter
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I’m getting fired-up about this deal…

Have you used these? I was considering getting one for my 13yr old boyscout cousin for Christmas.

[youtube=5tzJhDPPkxM][/youtube] Here is a cool video breaking down how it workd. Looks super cool.

[youtube=WgZ1ZhiVITQ][/youtube] Here is a another one where a person uses it in the wild

Both reviews make it seem to be a well above average firestarter.

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I’ve never used one of these but I too was curious and checked out some Youtube videos.

It seems that these work okay if you have a good tinder source (i.e. cotton balls infused with Vasoline /petroleum jelly) but do not work very well with ordinary wood shavings. One of the main benefits of this item is that it is waterproof.

I also found it interesting that you can use lip balm covered cotton balls (one of the main ingredients of lip balm is petroleum jelly). So a small survival kit could include this, cotton balls, and lip balm.

A mini-bic is 2"x 3/4" and it is less than a dollar.

That’s over 20 Mini Bic’s !!
Great idea !!!

I concur on the bic. Either your learning how to start a fire :fire: ol’ naturell or just forget about it. :laughing::sunglasses:

Whats that in your pocket? Flint and steel striker or a fire bow?

Not many people walk around with a F&S and some tender. These types of fire starters do work. I have a few ways of making fires in some of my emergency bags. Even my knife and axe kit have the ferro rods. Even got a fire piston that does work but takes LOTS of practice and some good char cloth.

Not used this SPECIFIC model but I have some firestarters what are similar. You can get something pretty close on the mother ship for 1/4 the price FYI…

I have a few ferro rods. The best method for a sure fire starter is Vaseline embedded cotton balls. Shove them into a old pill bottle. These work really well for a no fuse flame. Used one the other night to get a bonfire going. Set one down in the pit, used the ferro rod that came with the Gerber Bear Grylls 10" Stainless Steel Survival Knife and the knife to start the fire with one scrap of the knife. You would think I poured gasoline on it LOL. These work well but if your putting one in your emergency kit/bag, you should have no less then 3 ways to start a fire. Stormproof matches and tender, Ferro rod and that very indispensable device - A disposable bic lighter. I have a fire piston also but it’s not my 1st choice for fire starting in a hurry. Never hurts to keep a small tube of Vaseline in the kit and a few cotton balls. Works great for fire starting and dried skin. :wink:

As far as this brand, 17 bucks is pretty good if the motherships prices are an indicator, with one exception 3.94 w/free shipping. Looks like the same unit and also has the fire/tender rope.

This makes a hot spark. Can you light a fire with a spark? Better practice.

I haven’t used this one, but it’s tempting. I had a Light My Fire (I think) set and it worked okay, but not great. Now I have a knife I got from Woot that does the same function, but a little, travel-sized thing would be good to have. My camping stove is a little alcohol burner, and it just needs a spark to get it going, although my old set was a little awkward to use because the flint was tethered to the steel. One day I sat there for minutes and minutes failing to light my burner until someone from the neighboring campsite came over with a lighter. So, yeah, a lighter still gets the job done, but I don’t know if lighters are allowed in your airline luggage, and sometimes they run out when you’re not near a replacement. It’s nice to have something in your kit that’ll work consistently. Although in my kit there’s also a box of matches. :wink: I’ve already proven to myself that I can start a fire with flint and steel. It doesn’t mean I have to.

I carry a 9V battery and a fine steel wool pad. Works like a charm.

Yeah, and you can do the same thing in your pocket with a 9v battery and loose change. :wink:

Got the same brand/type from the mother ship. 4 bucks

We just finished with our scout camp this weekend. We had torrential rains which left all local tinder/kindling drenched. I had brought dryer lint, real cotton balls, esbit, fat wood, etc. It worked out well with all the ferrocerium rods that I had purchased off ebay.

This is a very ‘pretty’ flint/steel striker, but I opted for less expensive utility as there are easily 8 different rods that are available for 1/4 of the price. I find the most important part is the actual ferrocerium portion that creates the spark. If you look on fleabay for item 172330955330, this is a rod that will last a strike happy scout for years and it less than $5 to your door (in a month).

We had to buy one for every scout with a budget and with $2 to $4/flint we were able to do it very handily. Not to mention with a raw rod, we showed them using the backside of their knife, it worked without having to use a separate striker. By the end of the weekend, we were able to show some kids who used their actual blade side to strike, how to resharpen their blades too :-).

No joy on that item number.

Not this one, but I have a few different others.

Last time we went camping with grandkids & others, everyone grabbed a firestarter to see who one could start a fire first.

Most of them work basically the same… Everyone should have one (or more). They always work even when wet, never go empty, are kinda fun to use & they are a must for your camping kit.

Invest in something that will work. Not this garbage. Your life may depend on it.