Nanotex Cool Comfort Sheet Sets

OK, so I get that these are microfiber sheets. 120 GSM 100% Double Brushed Microfiber, to be exact. So why does the manufacturer’s blurb at the end of the color chart say “cotton-rich”?
(I do like that they include 4 pillowcases w/ queen + up sets.)

Somebody’s got some 'splainin to do here.

Google to the rescue.

Cotton Rich

I’m surprised at how many people still buy sheets online only to be dissapointed later. Unfortunately terms like thread count mean nothing any more as they have found dishonest ways to spit thread fibers and count them individually.

Every time you list these sheets, you fail to remove the words cotton rich from some text file provided by the seller, and you do not specify that 100% microfiber means 100% polyester. This is neither difficult to do, nor forgivable, since you’ve been informed plenty of times.

I used to get excited about my daily woot email, now I know I need to read a listing more than once to make sure the language isn’t misleading, and I need to go online to verify claims. What a shame, woot.

FWIW I took a chance and ordered these. I suffer from night sweats and now my wife is as well. She’s pretty picky about sheets but after the first night told me to order a second set. They had an odd smell upon opening the package, but after an initial washing were fine. Very soft and comfortable. We have standard 300-400TC sheets, 800TC sheets and 1000TC sheets. The 1k sheets I can’t use in the summer as they are just too warm. We’ve been sleeping on these sheets since Saturday and I have had no issues heat-wise with them. It’s not like you’re sleeping on a gel pad, but it is definitely cooler than a highish thread-count cotton sheet.

I’d buy another set of these at the $40 rate on amazon, and quickly picked up a second pair here for $28. Just know what you’re buying and I think you’ll be pleased.