I think I remember a few of ya’ll starting or wanting to start NaNo this year, so how’s everyones word count going? Is the woot-off distracting you? I know it is me, and I’m starving for sleep.

I didn’t start until the 10th, but getting caught up now. Almost 16k words so about 2800 words a day and I’ll make it.

Is this English? Should I know what this means?

I think it’s the novel some people are writing.

They’re supposed to write a certain number of words each day during November. I wasn’t brave enough to try.

November is National Novel Writing Month. Write 50k words or more in 30 days and win… well… nothing, but you do get the satisfaction of finishing something most people only tell themselves they’d like to do “someday”

eHalcyon was/is writing, but I know he’s been swamped with schoolwork as well, so hasn’t been around much lately.

Wow, looks like everyone knew about it but me. Ah well.

Gotta admit I bailed. I’ve had too much “real life” get in the way of my computer time lately. I bailed on a lot more than Nanowrimo. . .

I had never heard of this til 2 weeks ago when I heard that an old classmate was participating. She’s going to college full-time, just finished her first novel two days ago (80k words) and is beginning to work on her second…

I don’t think I’ll EVER complain about writing essays again!

I participated in the event and completed the 50,000 words the last two years.

This year I will not make it. I haven’t even broken 300 words. The school workload has just been insane this year, especially compared to the last two. Curse you, third year university!

School does tend to do that in the Junior and senior years…

Yes it does. I know it sounds sick, but part of me misses that.

I hear you there, I’ve wanted to do it for a while, but school or work one has gotten in the way. This time I’m lucky, sort of. I got my arm caught in a machine at work a couple months ago and broke it real good, so this year I have time to do it. I just have to type with one hand.

^Whoops, didn’t realize my Fiancee had been on my computer. That would be me who got his arm stuck in the machine.

I wonder if she bought me anything neat, I sure could use another leak frog.

Doesn’t sound sick to me…I totally miss college. :frowning:

I’m giving it a try. I’m always writing, but i thought I’d see if I could do it. Unfortunately, this is a horrid time of the year, and I’ve had problems from day 1. I haven’t even broken 9k words yet.