Nantucket Cabinet Hardware

These are cute, but they aren’t $3.60/knob + shipping cute.

Conversation overheard at the factory in India where these are made:

“What do Americans like?”
“Charming cottages are big right now.”
“How do we make a knob for that?”
“Maybe just write ‘charming cottage’ on them?”
“Brilliant! But we also have to make it clear that it’s old-timey.”
“Put a year on it.”
“Nah, too divisive.”
“Too even.”
“Now you’re talking. Fire up the knob machine!”

Knob with brown crown mistakenly lists it has insect print on it. What does actual insect print knob look like? I might want that one.

Can you link me to the one you’re asking about? I just want to be sure we’re on the same page.

this one:

I hate to tattle on this but if you watch for the sales, you can get many of these and more for $1-2 each at Hobby Lobby. They usually have a huge assortment and hooks too.

i need these… are they going to be available later?

Sale ends on March 23 at 12PM CT.

Limited to 15 knobs? Pfft Most people are going to need at least 20-25 minimum for a house.
I think I will cruise over to the Hobby Lobby as someone suggested.

You put the same hardware on everything in your house? That seems excessive.

I’d think most people are trying to match hardware for kitchen or bathroom cabinets, a dresser set, etc. 15 is more than enough for most of those projects.

Sorry but I have to agree that a limit of 15 is very restrictive. I consider my kitchen only moderate sized but my home had all matching hardware in the kitchen and two of the three bathrooms. I recently replaced old (dated) bronze with brushed nickel in the kitchen alone and it required 40 pulls/handles. I do have a full, double door pantry plus numerous drawers (18) where many would just have deep cabinets for pots and pans. It is generally considered an asset for a custom home to have matching, quality hardware throughout.