Nantucket Sinks

The kitchen sinks, specifically #NS3120: Do they include the strainers? I think so.

There use to be a time when woot sold everything but the kitchen sink.

Was excited about it (as excited as you can get over a sink) until I noticed it appears that there are no soap dispenser holes pre-drilled?? What’s that about?

This is an “undermount” sink. The holes are drilled into the countertop.

…Any indication when these might ship? I purchased one of the 33" stainless apron sinks along with a daily item from the Accessories category – the accessories have shipped and arrived on the 25th, but all’s quiet on the sink front…

Sorry to hear that you still haven’t seen any tracking on your order.

Please write into and inquire and they should be able to help you out with your purchase.

I have been writing to support and all I get is wait and wait. My kitchen island sits without a counter ,sink and faucet due this not shipping. Seems like either the manufacture or woot is mining the material to make this sink. It has been 3 WEEKS!!! Come on more WOOT…

Hmmm. It doesn’t sound like this issue is still resolved.

I’ve gone ahead and sent your forum post along to Woot Member Services to see if we can’t investigate the issue further.

Again, thank you for your continued patience and we will hopefully have an answer very soon.