Nantucket Sinks

I bought the 32" undermount sink last fall. We LOVE it! It is beautiful and the plumber, the counter installers --everyone commented on how well it was made and the thickness of the metal. I worried about the different size bowls, but they work well. The small side is perfect for washing dishes and quick rinsing. The larger size holds our dish drainer and has room to put cutting boards and other things along the side. The drainers have strainers – that I really like. And it comes with stainless racks. The divider between the two sinks is flat – which looks good and is a perfect place to hold the dishcloth. It is perfect. If you need a sink, then give these a good look! It was a GREAT deal for us. We paid about $25 less on Woot last time- but this one is still a deal. All you have to do to confirm this price is to go look at the prices of the top line sinks…after which you will run home and buy this one!!

Checking out the “undermount copper apron with hammered bowl” sink for a new house…

Woot,when are you going to start caring about what vendors tell you?

You’re claiming that this sink has an MSRP of $2,312.50. OK — except at the manufacturer’s own website ( it’s listed with a retail of $1,425.

Really, this is just ridiculous. Are you honestly that hard up to try and make your deals look “spectacular”?

Anyone know the depth of the 25" drop-in sink?

Sorry about that, we’ve now added it to the sale:


Exterior Dimensions: 25" x 22"
Interior Dimensions: 21" x 15.75" x 9" (bowl depth)
3.5" Drain (Not Included)


One follow up question…You say the drain isn’t included but the “Featured” section says it is. Which is it?

Just want to make sure.Thanks again.

Buyer is checking with the vendor.

Regardless of list price it still seems like a good deal. Anyone buy this before?

Are there dimensions for the 15" bar sink? does not look square but rectangular so would like to know width, height, depth…

Got them to add more dimensions, these are in the sale now:
Exterior Dimensions: 15" x 12.75"
Interior Dimensions: 13" x 10.75" Bowl Depth: 7"

You can do better up the road from your house:

Cheaper and bigger (albeit 1" less depth, but 9" is pretty standard) and if there’s any issues (and there are LOTS of issues with copper sinks delivered to homes) you can return it with ease.
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