Nantucket Sinks

NS3322 shows a picture of a two bowl sink but in the description states only one.

Thanks for pointing that out, we’ll get things fixed up.

There once was a guy from Nantucket, whose…

I used to say I got everything but the kitchen sink from woot.

Well, that’s the end of that. :confused:

Uh uh… Noooo ya don’t WOOT!. I ain’t falling for THIS trick again.

Buncha years ago, when a owned a different house, I got a nice deal on a really nice kitchen sink. Got it home and realized I needed a new faucet, drains, and need to re-plumb those drains. Bought a garbage disposal while I was at it.

Oh crap! I won’t fit in the counter top. No biggie, they’re kinda dull anyhow, I’ll replace 'em all.

Y’know, those swell new counter tops make the cabinets look kinda tacky. Might as well have 'em re-faced. (the only part of this I didn’t do myself)

Geez, I never realized how bad all the woodwork in this kitchen looks. Guess I’ll rip it all out and stain and install all new.

Yeah, new paint and wall covering to go along with the new faux brick and ceramic tile, just to dress things up a bit.

Well, I couldn’t leave the old flooring in there…

A couple months and several thousand bux later, I was finally able to step back and admire my beautiful new kitchen sink.

Whatta bargain!

just bought the 33 incher apron sink, sadly this is what my exact fate will be, redo sink location, new cab & counter tops

OMG, hilarious!