Napa Soap Company All Natural Soap and Lotion set

In place of Cesare, who is no doubt indisposed, the company website, with a handy-dandy “ingredient glossary” telling us what all those silly oils and vitamins are supposed to do.

And while it may not be exactly what our Woot overlords had in mind, it bears repeating that with enough soap, you can blow up just about anything.

Well … I have to admit that I’ve never seen grapes as a soap ingredient before.

I’m in for one… will be part of wife’s Xmas present this year…

We just recently came back from a little vacation in the Napa valley… this will be a perfect reminder this holiday… :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s great. I typed out a huge post and it got eaten by the failing server. Grrr.

In short - are the ingredients listed for each product complete?

I have extremely sensitive skin and can’t use 99% of drugstore products as a result, and many companies only list ‘highlight’ ingredients, but leave out fillers, synthetics, and most importantly in my case, preservatives, to which I am particularly sensitive.

If a company representative could provide a thorough ingredients list if what’s on the front page isn’t complete, I’d be most grateful. Thank you!

Why does the Soapignon have a play on the wine and the others don’t?

3 five-star company reviews at yelp

I’m sure the ingredient lists are not complete, since you can’t make soap with just wine and oil. I doubt if there are any preservatives, because soap doesn’t need them (it’s not a hospitable climate for molds or bacteria), but there could possibly be antioxidants added to keep the oils from going off.

Based on the ingredient listing on the company website, I think these soaps are made using a purchased base. Soapmakers who make soap from scratch don’t use sorbitol, and they don’t add glycerin because it’s released from the oils naturally when they’re combined with lye.

I expect these are nice soaps, though.

Cesare’s been enjoying - among other wines with dinner - the Victory 94, Wellington Syrah 95, and an 1886 Madeira (that’s NOT a typo: thanks again SonomaBouliste and Joatmon, WD woop etc). And he’s got his gf with him. So yes, indisposed!


I’ll be posting pictures, extensive notes on ALL the wines tasted, and a report, as soon as I can be arsed.

I’m also in the same boat as you and I’m vegan to boot. I looked at the web site and they have a link to the base ingredients they use for their soaps.
Other than checking if lye is vegan, I might be good to go.

Todays wine woot makes me want to whine
soap is a dirty trick and gets my later up
what scents does it make?

Ahem ahem ahem…


Does the chardonnay clean better than the Cabernet?

Why is the soap listed as flavors? Am I expected to eat it? Melt it down and drink it?

Sorry, fancy-shmancy cutie-pie names for something I just want to wash my hands with don’t cut it.

As for lye, it comes from potash, which is formed by burning various hardwoods. It is also produced synthetically. I suspect it will be safe for vegans.

Selling soap on a wine site. I wonder how many winos will buy this and try to drink it?

My daughter gave me three of these soaps as a gift. I love them! They actually last a long time. Wonderful gift idea and attractively wrapped.

Happy to see this!

Last summer I bought the grapeseed soap at a winery in Napa because it smelled good and I was kind of drunk. I finally opened it recently to put by the bathroom sink and love it–it has a nice lather, smells heavenly, and it doesn’t dry out my hands.

ive been wanting to ask this of the community for awhile… has anyone here been denied delivery for being drunk? i know it doesnt apply here, but i thought this form would be a little slower…

Does wine make you cleaner? :happy:


what’s the alco. content of the soap? lol

We have “Wine David” and after today “Soap George”

Thanks to them both and to all the folks who have made wine dot w00t a really odd experience.

I think WD’s birthday needs to be celebrated in a special way. I don’t know what that is, but buying soap doesn’t seem quite right!