Napa Soap Company Sample Pack

Gifts for the Sis and Niece!

So how long to cellar these?? :wink:


Yes. Asleep at the wheel, eh? :wink:

just what we need to clean up the last discussion.

Good one!!!

I bought these a while a go and have them in my half bathroom. They get lots of comments from my guests… and a few eye rolls for the naming of the Cabernet Soapignon… they look really nice. And smell pretty good too.

While on the subject of clean, can anybody offer the best way to get out red wine stains?

white wine!!

I bought these on a previous Wooting and I really regret it. Definitely not for sensitive skin. Also, they smell like old lady and make me sneeze. I don’t think I could gift these with a clear conscience. I’m going to have to donate or freecycle mine. Maybe you’ll like the scents, but to me they were ultra-feminine and perfumey. Very, very potent scents, but the wine didn’t really come across when I smelled them. In the name of not being completely negative, the packaging is really pretty. It would make a nice gift just because it looks pretty, if you know someone that isn’t so sensitive to body products and likes strong-smelling soaps and lotions.

My wife always smells like wine. This will complete the effect.

this works every time! mix hydrogen peroxide with a dash of dishwashing soap and soak the satin in it…bingo!

this works every time! mix hydrogen peroxide with a dash of dishwashing soap and soak the stain in it…bingo!

I’ve had success with Wine Away.

Link shows you it on Amazon, but most wine shops carry it as well.

You have to use it (or any other product/homemade remedy) right away, before the wine stain sets. I used it on some shorts I used for wine stomping, and washed them a couple of days later, and they were fine.

I think you meant **Whine Away **… did you not?..

I dumped a whole glass on my shirt at a concert, got home a couple of hours later and soaked it in a sink full of oxyclean for 1 hour and it was worked perfectly!

“Powered by the air you breathe!” :happy:

Only on your posts … :wink:

Not to be confused with:

Entertaining posts- thanks for the laughs. These soaps/lotions will be loved by any female you give them too. My gf, mom and sister all love em’ so I got 2 this time around.

Edit: Oh and almost forgot, “Tide Pen” works great at removing wine stains. I let a shirt sit for about a week with massive wine stains on it thinking it was a goner, bought a pen and boom, all gone. Also another time in my truck, I spilled some wine (not while driving) and the pen removed it perfectly as well.

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