Napoleon Liquid Propane Grills, Stainless Steel

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Napoleon Liquid Propane Grills, Stainless Steel
Price: $439.99 - 739.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Apr 18 to Wednesday, Apr 23) + transit
Condition: New


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It’s BBQ time. Remember to clean yours at the beginning of the season. I forgot once, it was not pretty.

I am a huge fan of BBQ. I try to grill at least 4-5 days a week in summer. Check out and for some great ideas.

and check out some additional info on these formerly Canadian Exclusive SE grills.

Not that I want to buy a grill right now, considering my Weber Summit E-670 just got delivered … but really Woot? You expect people to buy with this little information? No inside pictures? Not even the manufacturer site lists these models (or least the largest one).

Definitely getting a new grill this year, unfortunately it won’t be one of these, bit too rich for my blood. But I grill year-round, freezing temps are no reason not to!

Ah, c’mon now… what’s $439.99 - 739.99 (+$5) between friends?

Craigslist is a really great source for grills! I got a nice $400 one fo like $100!

Napoleon Grills are top notch grills. It is relatively expensive but it is made of top quality materials that should hold up for many years. I wish this Woot item had come out one week earlier because I ordered a Weber last Friday. I seriously considered a Napoleon grill.

Make mine a Green Egg…

I advise anyone looking for a grill to ensure you do research when buying fr9m Napoleon. First off, there are to types of grills made by Napoleon: ones that will last you many years (Canada) and the ones that will last 3 or so months (China make). This was unknown to me after purchasing the 580model ($850.00) from woot back in July. By September and after having it covered, it began showing signs of rust(doors, sides, and top)and since the sides aren’t two ply-rolled stainless - instant burn through. Several features did not work like the back glow features. With that said, Napoleon’s customer care has been great. They’re essentially shipping me 80% of the grill to reassemble myself. When assembly is done, I’m reselling it on craigslist in the Baltimore Md area. Anyone interested please leave me a line.

I would suggest getting a Weber Spirit for about the same price ~$500 or go to Home Depot/Lowes and get one of the Char Broil Infrared models. They both seem to get pretty good reviews. This make/model is a mystery.

This is correct. All three of these are made in China. They are 200-300 dollar grills. Then you tack on the Napoleon name $$$$.

If you grill a lot (as I do) then an absolute must is to get a grill made in America or Canada. They are few and far between.

I had a Char Broil Professional with a lifetime warranty. I rebuilt it about 5 times, once each of the first 5 years I owned it… I finally dragged it to the dump. It was made in China.

The materials will be equivalent to what you would expect from Charbroil… or perhaps a bit worse. Save the money and migraine and go with a Weber (avoid spirit line).

Charcoal is the only way.

Are these made in China?

How long is the manufacturer’s warranty on these?

What happens if the “Jet Fire Ignition” takes a holiday and doesn’t work right away? Do you get all wet with liquid propane spraying out at you? If that happens and then you scratch your head in disbelief, will static electricity then light up your day?

They are indeed made in China.

There’s a one year warranty on them.

…and Ham.

Sorry. I had to. I JUST HAD TO!!!

From just workin around grills for awhile (peddling cheap ones at sears on the side when I was younger).

Compare the burners and such in some “top end” grills, like a $750 weber, and then look at the $300 char broil, or pick your preferred brand, and you’ll notice the burner’s are all about the same

there isn’t much difference in high end grills at big box retail stores, and lower end ones except some small metal quality

Unless you are custom building a grill into your patio (which is awesome, i bow to you sir/ma’am), big box retail grills are very comparable to one another

I was just at a Nebraska Furniture Mart last week comparing a $800 grill to a $300, same guts :frowning: