Good to have goals : )

The perfect work shirt. LOL.


prepare the magical journey to dreamland and pillow fort :smiley:

Kinda wishing this was sold as a baby’s onsie. I think it would be great on my daughter.

Why is it that every shirt I buy from Shirtwoot, is NOT the size that it says on the tag? I buy XL, and it turns out to be Extra Small. I am afraid to buy any now.

Perfect for a person who prefers siesta over fiesta.

Would love more color choices on this one :slight_smile:

Did you happen to get an American Apparel tee? Those are much smaller (for women’s sizes at least).

I would love to see smaller sizes for this shirt. My daughter is in 18 month clothing and I would totally get this for her if it was in her size.

The first rule of nap time is, we don’t talk about nap time.

Why does the tank cost more than the tee? You would think that sleeves would increase the cost, not decrease it.

I want to get the tank, but I can’t change the t-shirt setting to tank option. Any ideas?

The tank was only available on the first day of the sale. It could show up again in a side sale, though. Keep an eye out!

I went to a hypersomnia conference. This worked well, but I was not the only one there with the shirt. pout

Love the shirt. Would love to see this available again in American Apparel, so I can buy a few extra!