Narwhal Nation!

Last week, we buried cowbell meme, now we bury narwhal and bacon? What’s next? :tongue:

No Gone Fishing?

Yes, the lack of Gone Fishing is an extreme oversight. It’s the best Narwhal shirt by a long shot!

This thread also needed bacon.

A friend of mine made a game with narwhals… use arrow keys to try and get to the center of the bulls-eye.

Mmm bacon narwhal.

Yes, why not Gone Fishing as well? I would have bought that one.

For a second i thought you were thunder thighs.

And for a half second, I thought you were thunderthighs. Talk about spooky.

Can we bury chuck norris this week please? PLEASE?

Chuck Norris doesn’t get buried, he wears the Earth as a battle suit.

Notice they both expire at Midnight? Coincidence? I think not!

Chuck Norris has been mentioned in a laundry detergent ad now. I am hoping this is the final nail in the coffin, since no one who still finds him funny knows what laundry detergent is.

On a relevant note, I just saw Narwhals and Library Cards on a body in Davis Square this weekend, and it looked far better than I’d have ever presumed it would. I’m not sure if it will look as good on an Anvil blank, but hypothetically it should be a wise purchase.