NASCAR 12-Hour Brightsticks 12-Pack

oh, glowsticks, we missed you!

These work excellently. They come with a loop/hook and string so you can attach it to something. Great for emergencies.

it’s that picture of them glowing in the dark that gets you

How long do these last? I could use some emergency glow sticks for my car.

I know they say 12 hours but can anybody confirm?

Longer than 12 hours, I assure you from personal experience. They are great.

These things are great. You bend them till they make a “crack”! and then they glow for nearly 12 hours. Amazing…

What will they come out with next!?

Can never have too much chemical lighting. In for three, er…36…

I got these in the mail today but I only got 2 instead of 12. Will there be more on the way?

Last time these items were shipped separately if you ordered more than one set. I’m going to assume the same thing for these so please allow a few more days for the rest to arrive. They may also arrive in odd numbers like 7, or 9… but you should receive the total amount ordered once all packages are received. If you’re still missing some, be sure to email so they can fix it up.

I did only order one set (so 12 total) and my box does say 2 of 2 on it now that I look more closely at the label. I’ll keep my eyes out for another package!

I got two more boxes today with 5 lightsticks in each. Three (very fast) shipments for just $5 shipping, what a steal!