National Geographic Kontiki 30" Cargo Duffel

My wife HATED the looks of this thing when I got it last year.

I, on the other hand, love it. It is so practical when traveling. Got a pocket here, a pocket overrrr here, a pocket in here, oh and there’s a pocket here, and oh look right here. It’s great.

I need ONE bag, she needs like 5.

She handed me her crap (hot hair thing that flattens the hair) and said “can you put this in your bag?”

I responded, “Nope, you didn’t like it remember. Here’s a small back for you to put it in, mine is full. bwahhh ha haha” (I still had to put it in my bag, WTF)

Oh and I bought this from Woot on 12/10/2014 for $49.99