National Geographic Mask & Snorkel Set

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National Geographic Mask & Snorkel Set
$6.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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double-you tee eff is this?

I remember this from the last woot-off yawn

i can play “Flipper” at home now!

Looks a lot like a snorkle and mask to me. just in time for a blizzard none the less…

This will help me locate my waterproof 2TB hard drive after mass global flooding.

Ha, good one.

should buy just to freak people out at the health club when I hop in jacuzzi wearing these

This will make bath time such a glorious occasion!

I suggest going to a scuba speciality shop so you can be fitted for the proper mask. Still a great deal for just the snorkel and if the mask works for you with no leaks that is even better.

Woot off dead… : (

I’m out.

I actually prefer goggles to these. No matter how expensive of a mask I get, they seem to leak. The goggles seem to create a nice suction so no water enters.

might have been a more successful sell if it wasn’t such a chilly December.


Bought 3 last time. Seem to be pretty decent and the price is great. Wish they had fins to complete the set.

Weird, most of the purchases are from the north. You’d think they would be from the warmer south but it’s not.

My eyes! The Goggles, do nothing!

Good simpson’s quote.