National Geographic Mask & Snorkel Set

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National Geographic Mask & Snorkel Set
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Great for looking like a dork!

Woot is turning into such a dive lately.

Waited so long for those iPods to sell out only to get trolled by this.

That’s not a bag o crap! Thought it would be this time… next!


From overpriced bad to just plain bad.

Its not a bag of crap, its simmply a piece of crap.

Ugh. Come on, Woot!

I would buy if the color was one of my wedding colors. But this is going to clash with my bowtie.

I’m sure it’s been answered when offered in prior Woots, but: Is this sized for adults or kids?

I’m going to guess Woot is underwater on these things.

Bought one last woot-off, haven’t used, but it looks like decent quality merchandise. Will use next vacation.

In for another 1.


/crawls back to his cave for another 2 hours of Wootoff limbo/

How is this National Geographic? There are no neck springs or lip plates included.

It must be time for lunch

poor quality!

Its one size fits all small, medium and large…that why you need to buy 3!

Who wants to Guess what the Next Woot (cough cough …Killer) Item is going to be. Im going to guess it is going to be the shirts as it bout lunch time at the Woot Zoo lol.

Throws out Bananas here to bribe the Woot Monkeys for something good :slight_smile: :wink: