National Inventor Month

oh poo! Rocket Science Club isn’t available in kids sizes! :frowning:

Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m missing a reference or not. So can someone tell me if there is a typo on the “The Answer is Science” shirt?

Oh wow, completely missed that. Looks to most certainly be a typo, can’t figure out how it would have happened though, here’s the link to it on All Designs.

Wow! Thanks Woot! It’s a blast from the past!

I can’t find anything anywhere else in the community… how do the pullover hoodies run? I want to get one for a friend as a gift and he says he wears medium, but I’m afraid that it may not fit him right. My dad has a pullover hoodie from Woot from last winter, I think it was medium as well, and he says it fit a little tighter. The guy I want to get it for, while still fairly skinny, is a little bigger than my father. I don’t want to get something that will be too tight, but at the same time I’m afraid if it’s too big he won’t wear it, so I’d like to get a medium if I can…

I size down with the hoodies. T-shirt - ML. Hoodie, MM.

It turns out my dad did have a medium hoodie at home from Woot, so I went to my parents house and tried it on. It fit me ok, so I think it will fit the guy I’m getting it for… hope so…

Why is the Club Telsa shirt $18 when you click to buy it but it is advertised @ $15?