National Meh League

YES!!! Thanks to those who voted. :slight_smile:

But I love football.

Getting one now! Please offer a sports jersey version of this one in the future!


Kind of ambivalent about this shirt.

Haaaaa hahaha… damn it. I kinda want this shirt but i’m a complete degenerate whore for the NFL.

I need this for work once football season starts, and I sadly have to hang up my baseball jersey whilst everyone else is happy because the Packers are on. I may very well buy this.

Cool, a shirt that allows me to make fun of millions of people that like an activity I don’t like while at the same time broadcasting my overall indifference and lack of originality so that I can demonstrate my ironic sense of superiority over those who like said activity.

Just what I always wanted.

Is this a reference to another well-known one-a-day sale site that may or may not have a past connection to our very own beloved Woot!?

Congrats, Collin! I’ll be getting one of these for sure.

I like football too much for this shirt. Now futbol, on the other hand (foot?), now that’s a shirt I would wear apathethically.

This is a nice advertisement for the guy who sold off woot to Amazon then went on to start a new site with exactly one deal per day. It’s kind of amazing that there were any 3-letter URLs left to buy up, but he got this one.

Right On!! Thanks… No reason to come back here again. :wink:




Perfect for the ladies (football widow) who are ignored by their NFL lovin’ hubby during every televised game.

I find it strange that Woot would approve a tee advertising for their rival, but oh well. I think we can all agree that Woot has gone downhill lately, and although Meh offers only 1 deal per day (for now), they tend to be better (and often more interesting) deals… but if they could cut the speaker docks down to once a month that would be great

What rival? They may target the same customers, but the founder @snapster isn’t holding any ill will against Woot. It’s all the customers that are doing it.

I had a friend in which the opposite applied - she was the football freak and he couldn’t care less.

Congrats on the win, Collin!

Left? Dude paid $100,000 for it.

Congrats Collin! I was sure we’d see at least one of your designs on the front page this derby…

Meh, indeed! Grats on the print :slight_smile: