National Meh League

This is bang on, still a funny shirt though. I would almost buy it if it didnt have that typical Woot Shirt sterile design

congrats Collin!


It’s pathetic that you have made 2 MEH shirts in the past 30 days.

I guess Amazon can’t let someone else make money without having to mooch off of their mild success.

WTF? Woot didn’t select these; both designs are from the derby and were chosen by the community.


I would consider two websites that offer similar products or products with the same premise (such as deal a day sites) to be rival sites. Rivalry has nothing to do with ill will; there are tons of friendly rivalries in everything from business to sports.

I cackled XD Love how some commenters like to leave jipes without using five minutes of their time to notice things.

I’m not a ‘Meh’ fan myself, but I figure people will stop voting for them when they finally get tired enough of them, just like every other meme/fad/craze/etc that runs through the shirts. No matter how much or how little we enjoy them as individuals, it’s up to the masses what does and doesn’t make woot and the artists money. All you can do is vote, leave the occasional comment, and hang on for the ride.

If it was someone newer, I would’ve been softer in my verbiage, but a Woot veteran? I shake my head. My followup extended at meh also.

Just received this shirt from the random 2-pack

If you could be bothered to print this on AA in 2X, I would totally buy one. It’s been unavailable for quite some time, even though it’s supposedly print-to-order.