National Novel Writing Month

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that November is National Novel Writing Month (i.e. NaNoWriMo).

During this month, writers around the world attempt to write a 50,000 word novel before November ends. The focus is on quantity and not quality, so it’s extremely fun. If you’ve ever aspired to write a novel and just never got around to it, here’s your chance!

I’ve participated (and finished) the last two years and believe me, it is a lot of fun. If you’re at all interested, I invite you to roam about the official website to find out more.

And if you want to participate but don’t want to be stuck at home in front of the computer all day, grab a laptop and go find other WriMos (yeah, that’s what we call ourselves) in your city. It’s actually not that hard - just find your region, join and wait for the emails to roll in from your Municipal Liaisons! Yeah, exciting!

Let me know if you do join up. We can be writing buddies. :wink:

So… any takers? Anyone brave enough and crazy enough to answer the call?

the police told me to stop finding my nether regions in public.

Do you lose them often? :tongue:

I guess I should sign up, Orc’s given me the go ahead to do this, but lately it’s been a real fight to get any computer time, and I don’t have a laptop.

I sent all the info to my daughter. I’ll see what happens.

d’wanna, maybe you should really be more careful about what conversations you quote…


Now I’m curious what happened. XP

Yeah, me, too.

I have been challenged to do this. It has been several years since my last attempt.

I suck at writing. Good luck to everyone brave enough to attempt this!

She quoted the nether regions post to say she was passing the info to her daughter.

Then she edited it so that it wouldn’t be funny. :frowning:

It is only funny when it is someone else daughter!

Oh fine, I’ll put it back.

no time to participate, i would be interested in reading the s…tuff you people write.

Yeah, me, too, as long as I don’t have to give a critique. I have no writing talent.

The last two years I started epic fantasy novels. I made it to 50,000 though the stories themselves were just beginning. I’m not sure about my 2006 story, but I will definitely pick up on the 2007 work at some point…

This year I’m going to try something much more loose and undefined. One of my biggest problems with a challenge like this is that I’m no good at writing rough drafts. Essentially, the entire NaNoWriMo story should have be a rough draft with a focus on writing quickly without editing, but my habit has always been to edit as I go. In high school I never really wrote rough drafts for essays or anything because everything would be edited by the time I finished my first copy.

I’m hoping writing in a loose style will help me work more quickly and not think too much about how I’m structuring my words, etc. I’m going to be more hard-pressed for time this year compared to the last two, I think.

You could always let us read what you wrote. Maybe we could encourage you to pick it back up.

Anyone get/read Tgentry’s book. I want to get it. Anyone remember the link?


Nah, motivation isn’t the issue. I just haven’t had any time.

I’ll find something to post in the future. I started a poetry thread a while back but it never took off. :tongue: