National Park Photography

Can anybody help me identify the lake in the Banff mural?

I was wondering the same thing, this looks like it to me. “Herbert Lake reflects peaks in Banff National Park”. Not a perfect match, but pretty darn close!

Pretty expansive definition of “North American”

Every time these come up I’m tempted to order one. Hard to tell how accurate and sharp the photography is. One of those things hard to buy without actually seeing it I guess.
Anyone have any first hand knowledge?

Yeah, bought one of these last spring. The Badlands. It’s gorgeous and (to me) sharp. But that’s kinda subjective… Only issue I have with mine is that after 6-7 months of hanging, either the frame has shrunk a bit or (more likely) the canvas has stretched just a tiny bit and I’ve got some wrinkles on the top. I suppose that’s not really shocking given the material. If it ever bothers me enough, it’s easily fixed.

That said, I am seriously thinking about buying another. Just gotta figure out where I would put it.

is the volcanic national park in Hawaii or California? Looks like Hawaii, but that one is called Volcanoes National Park. Anyone able to ID that one?

Volcanic National Park is in Hawaii.

Was I on a spaceship in stasis or something? Since when did we add Norway, Iceland, Italy, Thailand as states? Don’t tell me Green Peace took over the world and now our “National Parks” encompass the world as a result of a new wrinkle in our “Manifest Destiny?”

Moraine Lake I believe.

Yellowstone National Park is not in Buffalo.

The imagery of the Tetons is beautiful, but that is definitely the sun going down, not sunrise.

Say it with me… Na Pali coast… And I’m not even the one selling these

Monument Valley is Navajo Nation… not a National Park. Additionally how can you only capture ONE of the Mittens in the photo??

Sad that Bryce Canyon didn’t make the cut for this sale… Also, Zion has so many great panoramic opportunities. The river/falls picture is a disappointment…

I purchased “Avenue of the Giants”. It is wonderful. I have been looking for art for this one place in my house for a while. This looks like a wonderful window to the Redwoods. The colors are muted, not garish, and the framing seems great and easy to hang. Thanks, Woot, for another great item. We love Woot!