Native Dash XR Polarized Sunglasses

How does one buy $40 sunglasses without trying them on? And why would one buy white sunglasses at all?

I have some Native Nano3 sunglasses and am very happy with them, so may get these.

One thing is that the Dash come in different sizes. About the Dash XR, this is on the site: “XR = Xtra Round lens shape; these sunglasses are designed to fit medium to large faces”

Might be a touch small for my fat head, but probably will fit most faces.

I absolutely love Native sunglasses. They are the clearest I’ve used (Oakley, Smith, Zeal). And their warranty is great.

I’d buy these if I didn’t have a pair already, I have a medium sized head.

Why do so many manufacturers make white sunglasses? Probably because they are very popular.

Two things, $40 for polarized sun glasses is a fair price.

2005 called, they want their white sunglasses back

105.00$ on Amazon.