Native Endo or Lodo Polarized Sunglasses

Here are a couple of good reviews for the Lodo glasses

For additional info, check out the product page

“Nearly Perfect” reviews on the Lodo over at

I’m confused. On the Features tab, I see this:

Lodo best fits a medium profile.


Endo best fits a medium to large profile.

But if I click on the Specs tab, I see this:

Endo Frame Width 140 mm

Lodo Frame Width 143 mm

Wouldn’t a wider Frame width be a better fit for large profile?

From what Im seeing so far, it looks like the Lodo model is for women and the Endo model is for men. So Endo it is for me.

This is another deal besides the swimsuits that seems limited. There are some colors gone in the type I like. Going to skip it. :frowning: Move fast if you want a certain style and color. They’re going to sell out fast.

Edit, I purchased 2 Endo’s. :). I’m going to gift both unless I really luv them.

Good reviews

One question though. The specs say the lenses are removal and some of the reviews mention a second blue lenses. It look like these come with only one lenses ( since one model is available with dark or blue lenses). Is this correct?

Does anyone know what light conditions the blue lenses is for and if it can be purchased separately?


Man those didn’t last long!

Have product picture that isnt offered! Should have offered the grey version shown!

If you are ever buying sunglasses and are unsure about whether they are polarized or not and you don’t want to get conned, you should check out this website.

I hate buying expensive sunglasses, and when the last pair was getting a little too beat up I finally looked into getting some decent cheap polarized glasses.

My research pointed me to the sporting goods section of wal-mart, more specifically the fishing section (basspro might have actually been better).

They have a decent selection of sporty polarized fishing glasses from 5-30 bucks. I picked up a pair of $15 SpiderWire glasses and have been fantastic so far. They do not seem super durable but the lenses are very good for my purposes, just driving.

Both are/were in the sale. The Endo Asphalt/Blue Reflex and the Lodo Iron/Silver Reflex. Happy wooting!

Any item that says it comes with a 2nd pair of sportflex lenses, comes with exactly that.

You can purchase the blue reflex lenses separately.

newfiepage helped clear up some queries about sizing/fit. i’m just gonna paste what he wrote b/c it’s clearer than i could be, i’m sure:

“The best way to describe it is the lense/eye shape on the Endo is larger than the Lodo, so that’s why it’s M-L and the Lodo is M. The 3mm in frame width isn’t enough to make a big difference between the glasses. It’s about the 7mm diff in the lens width between the two.”