Native Eyewear Polarized Sunglasses

All of these are polarized correct?

Yes - you have to try pretty hard to find non-polarized glasses from Native.

Nova is here:

No sign of Vim on the Native site, they’re $73.50 on the mothership though:

I used to have some Native Low Ryder glases - they were probably the best pair of glasses I ever had… until I dropped them in Lake Michigan :’(

EDIT: Seems like the Vim is discontinued:

Thanks for the info. Picked up a set of the Novas

Seem pretty nice. Doing exactly as the witty quote said. I need a throwaway pair and a good pair. These I will where to church.

I heard that for the price point of $119 or more (retail), you get an extra interchangeable lens. . . is this true here on woot?

Not for all of them. Check the ‘Specs’ tab for each pair. Interchangeable lenses will be listed there, if they’re included.

Thanks! :slight_smile: