Natural Instinct

He’s definitely a Tyrannosaurus-wrecks.

This would be a decent weekend if Radiomode, walmazan and loopy all print…

oh look! Radiomode printed! XD

1 down… 2 to go.

Kids destroy everything

Cute. I’ll have to sleep on whether to get it or not though.

Reminds me of a miniature version of the old Rampage video game.

Woot! I wish you had baby sizes! I would love this in a 12 months for my lil Godzilla right now. He trashes everything. ;D

It could be a scene from “Toy Story 4: When Rex Attacks”.

I guess that would be the city of TOYkyo…

Here you’re selling wooden blocks, and you don’t cross promote your items?

Shame shame… I thought I knew you better, woot.

Congrats on being the last Woot shirt of 2010! :smiley:

I blame the stitches…cute.

That plush’s angry eyes would have told me in a heart beat not to leave him around my block city.

Awww, Such a cute shirt! I’m in for one, no doubt! :slight_smile:

It just reminds me of how I used to play dinosaurs (and Calvin too, apparently).

In prehistoric Russia, blocks knockover you.

Should auld cities be destroyed,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld cities be destroyed,
and auld lang dinosaur.

Get a K4, he’ll grow into it soon enough, especially since t-shirts are easy to wear big. And these sizes are a little small.

Well for those of west of the East Coast, the next shirt still counts as a 2010 shirt :P!

Totally beat me to it… Rawr?