Natural Pride

This tree must be an Ashlan.

I love how the tree limbs at the top are the lion’s crown.

By far, this has been your best work. It deserves the print and as I said before, shows you’ve got the chops.

Congrats :slight_smile:

Bass gets a print! Quick, Dianasprinkle, close her blinds, we all know what happens when Bass wins!

SCORE! We all know this was coming!!!

Remember Simba, its not paranoia if your father really is showing up everywhere.

This shirt is treeeeeeeific!

In all seriousness, awesome job Bass.

I love the near “Wait, am I seeing something in the trees?” that the lion gives off. Subtle, and well executed.

thoughtful, regal, sad…colors gorgeous, details amazing.

Awesome!! Congrats, Bass!

Now will the tree kitty go after the portal mouse? ;D

Roarrrrrr! Hear the wind rustle those leaves! =D

I saw Cthulhu facing right before the lion facing left. What does that say about my brain?

I’m trying to come up with a Circle of Life pun.

Something something rings on the stump, something something scar? I dunno, I’m tired. Forgive me.

Sigh, I guess that reduces the odds further that I will get to own this design

I feel like the balance on this dual-design is just perfect-- enough lion to make it recognizable, but enough tree that it looks completely natural.

This one got my vote, and it’s getting my purchase too. Congrats on the print, Bassanimation!

Yes! I wanted this shirt! Awesome, and congrats to Bass.

All the way from across town? Okay I’ll get out my psychic helmet, but first let me finish sending her an IM letting her know it printed. =D

Dang now I see Cthulhu now too

So far all the editor’s choices have come from the Shirt Titles Reinterpreted derby.

That’s a Derby shirt. The shirt printed today is not a Derby shirt. There’s no affiliation between the two.

EDIT: Both killerorca and DianaSprinkle pointed out the errors of my ways and I humbly apologize to the shirt.woot! community for being ignorant. sobs I was just trying to be helpful! sobs

//end embarrassed reply