Natural Ram Horn

Natural Ram Horn

Firstly, what is this doing under WOOT! electronics?

Second, why is WOOT (and Amazon) even selling animal parts online, whether it is used for religious ritual or not. This just seems super odd and of questionable taste.

Pretty sure leather is animal part. Wool is an animal product too. I figured electronics based on the music/sound producing factor. No need to culture or kink shame, besides isn’t it better to use all parts of the animal?

Food for thought :thinking: Why would it be okay to sell & buy animal meat online but not anything else? Dog treats are made of animal parts, pigs ears and more. But that’s not considered questionable taste.


Some people feel guilt about eating. Plants are living creatures too, and yet people slaughter them, eat their children (seeds and sprouts) and use their carcasses for all sorts of things such as clothing and carpet and placemats and curtains etc.

The truth is that we do have sharp teeth called canines. These are generally found on meat eaters. Our metabolism clearly works to digest meat. Eating much grain causes obesity and early death. So, it is natural and preferable healthwise to eat some meat…not too much but some. Say, as much as could be caught if you had to hunt rather than shop.

Animal parts? Please tell me what is wrong with using the whole animal? If you have killed it to eat the meat why waste the rest? And if your problem is the killing for meat, check your teeth…any sharper canines in there? Those aren’t there to kill a carrot. It is natural and in line with your nature to eat some meat. If you choose not to I am ok with that. I choose not to eat pigs among other things. But, just because I find some plants to be beautiful and natural doesn’t mean I fault you for eating them…after all, you have flat grinding teeth too.


Shaved upper horn is a nice treat to set off a bowl of cereal in the morning.

… now braised lower horn, that’s a different matter.