Natural Red Pine Cones

How are there no snarky comments for this “product” yet?

I was hoping you’d sell these soon. With the deal I got on the twigs/rocks/raccoon scat woot I’ve gotta say an offer like this really completes my collection. Then again, if you have a lichen and dirt sale I hope I’m in a good place to capitalize on it. Thanks woot!!

Anyone that wants these can pick them up at my house for free. Hell, I’ll pay you.

i signed in just to LOL at this


do these smell? I would love to purchase, but only if Lillac scented…

They don’t have noses so they can’t smell.

I doubt they’re scented.

Pretty sure these are magical…just sayin’. Awesome shoe deodorizers to boot. #gogreen

I got some sweet gum balls too, if anyone needs some.


Can’t believe WOOT has just been stocking up on them waiting for this moment.

Forget the dried/crumbled leaves I just bought, here comes emptying my bank acct for these! :slight_smile:

Oh boy!
Something more to play with in the bathtub!
Swimming pool?
Take to the beach/lake?
Electric Blender tester?
No Gin?
Put these in a blender with vodka!
Instant GIN!