Natural Red Pine Cones


… seriously?

I mocked these last year i think. They actually sold well. Look at the stats. I’m guessing they are holiday hobbyists or re-enacting mcguyver episodes.

Is this a healthy organic non-GMO snack?

Some parts might be edible but I wouldn’t eat them.

How many of these come in the pack? Just the one pine cone? I see that it says I should just Google that instead, but I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

No idea.

Is it gluten free? Asking for a friend.

Somewhat better than the flaming casket at the end of the old woot offs

I should start selling walnuts. One walnut for $1, plus $5 shipping.

I put these on a toilet roll in the guest bathroom when my in laws visit.

People have bought this?

Under manufacturer they misspelled Pine Trees. These were manufactured by pine trees. The pine trees made too many and they are laying all over the ground. Perhaps I will pick some up from my neighbor’s yard and put them on eBay.

Go on a walk outside and pick up a few for free. Bonus - you get some cardio in.

Guess What??

I Got A Fever…
And The Only Prescription…
Is More Pinecone!

It looks similar to this Amazon product.

Looks like they are tiny cones.

I have so many feelings about this

Sad? Happy?

Buy them and give them a good home.