Natural Water Bidet with Dual Nozzle

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS THING! I’ve had one since the last time they went on Woot, and I have to say, it has become a ‘must’ for our house. This one will be added to the last bathroom, and we have made a pact- to never be without one. Initially, getting the hoses right can be tricky, as everyone seems to have a different size water valve coming off the wall to the toilet. But it is definitely worth any extra effort that might take. And as a side note, the cold water doesn’t really make a difference. You’d think it would make your nether regions shiver- but not the case.

Bought one on a previous Woot sale and love it! It’s used all the time by male and female members of the household, and we like this one because you can adjust the flow direction for girl parts and boy parts. We installed this model in an isolated bathroom that doesn’t have hot water access, and use a warm/cold one in the other bathroom. You get used to the cold water pretty quickly. I find myself absentmindedly reaching for the knob even when I’m away from home, thinking - hey, where’s the bidet handle? Easy to install and has worked beautifully for well over a year so far. Easy to keep clean, too,