Natural Water Bidets with Dual Nozzle

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Natural Water Bidets with Dual Nozzle
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Time to learn all about the bidet

Having owned one of these, I must say, it’s fantastic. Clean, clean, clean!

Will this work with Mac?

Natural? So this is from nature? Where might one find a Bidet Tree?

As long as your friend Mac has a butt… it will work with Joe, Suzie etc.

If I could just get my cat to use the toilet…

“Dual nozzle”? It likes big butts and it cannot lie…

Cold water tap and no batteries or electricity? Jeebus, I’d freeze my you-know-what off!

Check your toilet against the dimensions illustration. I was gifted a bidet (not this one) and found there was insufficient space between the rear of the toilet bowl and the upright tank to install the bidet.
Like this sale, I could not return it. Only thing I could do was put it in my yard sale stack so I could recover a few pennies on a dollar.

Out of curiosity, what occasion was it a gift for?

I had a cat who taught himself to use the toilet. First he would drink, then he would pee. I never could get him to flush, though.