Nature Channel

Maybe too cute?

They look like they are planning a terrorist attack. All along, I knew 9/11 was planned by animals. They had it all wrong.

Man, I remember when watching The Skyline Hour used to be fun. These days it’s all commercials.

reminds me of saturday mornings in my underwear with a big bowl of cereal watching cartoons

Over the Hedge, anyone?

No power cord? Hmm, something is fishy here…

Love the level of detail!

Naughty naughty birds… watching the TV and its probably waaay past their bedtime.

Why do I get a Christmas vibe from this shirt?

I wonder when they will realize that it’s just a painting?

I’m 22 and can still sing the entire “Arthur” theme. I object to being called old.

Also, absolutely splendid tee. I’d be in for one if I wasn’t imposing a freeze on my own bank accounts at the moment.

This is the precursor to the planning the animals do in Brendan Fraser’s “Furry Vengeance”

They’re studying their targets…

That raccoon probably wet himself thinking about all the garbage in that city

Some great rendering on this one!

ummm, “WE can’t be that old”, perhaps.

Great “Puppy Bowl” caption. Pretty close to pulling the trigger on this one.

Its nice to see an interpretation of something other than mario. Props on using a good comic like Over the Hedge!

That raccoon isn’t even paying attention to the TV. He’s eyeing that squirrel and about to take what he’s eating. Jerk.

that’s lovely…perfect for a quiet evening. I think the mammals are just staying warm; safer than a fire and everybody else seems to be paying attention.

If you’re going to go there, then I declare war.