Nature Owl

Woot! Thar be Hoot Loot on WOOT!

Does not look happy with the branches coming out of his head

Season of the owl. Nicely frowning expression – or is that concentration making the leaves fly up + away?

People, people, I have the answer as to what this is. Clearly this creature is a hybrid between an Ent and an Owl.


Yes! Ordered.

Shirt aside, I use amazon to check out and cali sales tax turned my $12 shirt into a $13 shirt. I guess my tax free days are over.

I really wish this was printed on AA, I’d be in for 2, one for me and one for my girl. She might be in for one, but count me out.

Anyways here is my picture for the night.

I also request that someone comes up with some more owl lines for me. this would be great and make my night. I <3 Owls to bits.

It. Never. Blinks.

Yeah, sorry.

Effective September 15, 2012, Woot, Inc. was required to begin collecting sales tax on orders shipped to destinations in California.

In for one as a Christmas gift for my mom. She loves shirts and this one will remind her of me because I love owls and I’m also very grumpy all the time.

It has been a life long dream to get third place in the derby, earning the appropriate title of Derby Chump :slight_smile:

Thank you Kevlar51 for selecting my design and everyone else who voted, commented, and showed their support. I truly appreciate it, and I am grateful :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy the shirt!

Thanks again!

Was this the model?

They aren’t printed on AA?

Welcome to the club…

Not for some time now, half a year was it? here you go, some info from Thumperchick, because I’m too lazy to create links tonight!

Hoot if you love owls!


Congrats on a very deserving print, CM.

I totally had a squee moment when I saw it. I love owls. Now, I can add this to my collection.

Pretty sure the owl just has bedhead.

And Owl always love you (haha)

Live in the Country with alot of Trees and Owls. I think it a great concept of the two. Wish I had some disposable $$ to buy!

Oh, Nathanlane Nathanlane, do you not understand? The branches are right where Owl put them. And he is very happy about it. I understand this now that I have become an OWL (Old Wise Lady). An Owl does not have to look happy to be happy.
Joy to you, young male. OlWiLa