NatureMill Composters

World Market has an almost identical ceramic composter for 14.99 Not sure about shipping since I got mine in store, but it’s always in stock. It’s a great design - love mine!

shipping is 4.95. looks to be the same model. for a lot less.

Ah, the sawdust pellets. Gloriously overpriced here: $6/10lb at Woot (plus shipping. Compare that to $5/40lb at Home Depot (in your neighborhood).

You compost because you want to do something for the environment? Shipping overpriced wood pellets around the US of A isn’t gonna do it.

I used to own an early one of these many years ago. It broke because they didn’t coat the circuit board properly. I called support and instead of replacing the unit they sent me a new properly coated circuit board to replace on my own. What a hassle, I didn’t bother. It didn’t work very well anyway since it would leak foul smelling juice onto its foul smelling juice capture tray. Hopefully this model has been improved. In the mean time, I switched to using a cheap metal garbage can that has been working great for the past 4 years.

Not to be a stick in the mud here, but shouldn’t these be in the new Tools & Garden woot section? :slight_smile: